Look at those beautiful eyes!

That's what everyone is going to be saying once you've stopped in at Bambi for your lashes and brows.


It's time to get yourself cosy on our super soft blankets and let the lash magic begin.

We understand that 'perfect' is different for every single person so we always have a chat about what you'd like before we start the treatment.

Lash Lift and tint - £45
If you want to give your lashes a boost of length and your eyes  a boost of 'wow' without losing your natural look, then this is the treatment for you.

Whatever length or thickness your lashes are, we can help you make the most of them.

This treatment takes around one hour and the results last around 6 weeks.


How is it done?
We apply a shield on your upper lid and bring your lashes up onto it to create the shape of your new lift and curl. We then apply 2 different lotions and the tint and leave them to work their magic whilst you take a nap, listen to music of your choice, or have chat with us.


We will never neglect your lashes here at Bambi, that is why we always coat your lashes with a generous amount of nourishing lotion afterwards, keeping them in perfect condition. You also get to take a nourishing lotion to use at home and a wand to comb through your lashes to keep them looking fluffy and perfect.


Maintenance is minimal too.

For more information check out our blog piece on lash lifts here

Brow wax and tint - £15

Our Blackbean wax leaves no sticky residue and has a soothing scent of cedar and sandalwood. It's kind to the skin and leaves minimal redness so you can go about your day straight away. 

You'll love our brow tints too and our huge range of colours! From chocolate brown, to ashy blonde, we have you covered.

A patch test is needed if you have never had a tint with us before.